Glass Curtains

Retractable Frameless Glass Windows

Experience frameless glass curtains that bring the best of glass windows and stacking doors to your balcony or alfresco area. Improving your view, expanding your living space and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas all year round, regardless of the weather.

Glass curtains are a completely new concept for protecting your outdoor areas. Comprising of full-height frameless glass windows set into tracks. This allows them to be slid, rotated and then stacked out of the way to enjoy the environment. The innovative design puts you in complete control.

Achieve complete control over how you enjoy your alfresco living area.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

Mirrimage Glass curtains can be extended to completely cover your outdoor living area providing complete protection from the elements without interrupting your view. Or they can be retracted to allow the space to be opened up to the elements allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is perfect.

The secret is the way our Glass Curtains can be easily moved and folded back thanks to the revolutionary tracking system, which helps the glass panels glide rather than having to be ‘pushed’.

In winter, enjoy a warm sunroom while reading a good book. In summer, you can keep your air-con going while sitting outside and enjoying the view!

Frameless Visibility

Would you like to expand your living space and improve the ‘feel’ of your home? Add a new room to your home by increasing your internal living space with glass curtains on your balcony or patio without the cost of renovations.

Our Glass Curtains are completely frameless, allowing you to enjoy the entirety of your doorway or window openings without a  ‘closed-in’ feeling that you will experience with traditional framed windows and doors. Gain a whole new feel to your internal living space.

Our Glass Curtains use thick premium glass that will last the lifetime of your home and easily withstand anything that mother nature can throw at it.

Add Value to Your Home

Adding a new room to your home would undoubtedly increase the value of your home. This is essentially what you achieve with Glass Curtains by opening up your internal living space. Effectively giving you a new ‘room’ within your home.

However, unlike a new room which will always feel enclosed, Glass Curtains have the advantage of being completely retractable. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as required.

By enclosing your balcony with glass curtains, you’ll minimise the amount of dust, dirt and debris landing on the balcony, not to mention your outdoor furniture! The security of your home will also be increased along with reducing noise.