Glazing Services

Window Glass

We know that glass installation requires precision and a thorough understanding of the commonly used frame designs and materials. With over 40 years of experience as a glazier, you can be sure that each window Mirrimage install will be measured and installed to perfection.

Door Glass

You can trust Mirrimage can repair or replace various domestic and commercial glass doors. You can be sure that each door glass we install will be measured and fitted perfectly. With everything performed in a timely, safe, and efficient manner.

Glass Shower Screens

Upgrade your bathroom with one of the many modern glass options available. Whether you need to replace a broken shower screen promptly or are looking to do a partial or complete renovation on your bathroom and upgrade to a new shower screen, Mirrimage can help you.

Mirror Glass

Mirrimage can repair or replace various domestic and commercial mirror glass. Whether you need a mirror replaced or hoped to brighten up your space with a new mirror, each one we cut and install becomes a beautiful accent to its surroundings.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass is the ideal alternative to tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. The toughened glass we use for our splashback installations is designed to resist damage and marking. Upgrading is as simple as calling us for a measure and quote.

Glass Balustrades

Mirrimage can deliver a sensation of elegance and space with glass balustrades. Whether it be your outdoor patio and balcony or an indoor area that requires a balustrade, using glass provides the ultimate in safety and beauty. We offer custom installation with various balustrade options to ensure a seamless match with your home.

Pet Doors in Glass

The Perfect solution for you and your pet. If you’re looking for a convenient way of providing your dog or cat access into and out of the home, then our pet doors will be the perfect solution. We can cut the pet door into a piece of glass that will replace your current glass door or window.

Glass Cutting To Size.

Talk to Mirrimage about your custom-cut glass project. Although there’s a wide range of high-quality pre-cut glass products on the market, the range available doesn’t always come in the precise measurements you need. We can help provide a custom-cut piece of glass.