Glass Cutting To Size Service

There are many reasons why you may require a piece of glass cut to size. The first that comes to mind is windows and doors. However, glass is also commonly used for tabletops, splashbacks, the top of furniture and shelving – all requiring the glass to be just the right size.

Although there’s a wide range of high-quality pre-cut glass products on the market, the range available doesn’t always provide you with the precise measurements you need. We can help provide a custom-cut piece of glass.

Our Cutting Service

It might be tempting to attempt to cut a piece of glass to the required measurements, but you should carefully consider if you want to. You will need the correct safety gear and cutting tools to get it right.

Making a mistake can result in wasting an expensive piece of glass. Unless glass cutting is something that you plan on regularly doing, then why not leave it up to the experts at Mirrimage.

We’ll discuss the type of glass you require and the thickness and determine the dimensions. We can then promptly organise for the exact piece of glass to be cut with a quick turnaround. Our service will include ensuring that the edges are bevelled if required and safe for you.